At Muter Law Office, we work with debtors who are struggling to make payments on their mortgages, loans, or other debts. We counsel distressed clients and advise them on the various legal channels available to help them solve their debt problems. The decision to file for bankruptcy and the appropriate chapter to file under is a decision to be made based on a combination of factors and requires a complete analysis of the debtor's financial circumstances by a competent bankruptcy attorney. Following a thorough analysis, we work with clients to explore the options available, including a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 repayment plan, or other debt relief solutions.

Unlike the approach taken by many large bankruptcy firms, at the Muter Law Office, we do more than just help you file for bankruptcy. We undertake a thorough analysis of each client's financial situation and focus on the details of each individual case in order to determine what led to the financial crisis and whether or not bankruptcy is the best option.

While bankruptcy is a viable option for some clients, it may not be the best avenue for others to relieve their debts. At Muter Law Office, our job is to help people who have financial problems and to alleviate their stress. We work to make certain that their rights are protected and that they understand the best available options to overcome their financial burden. We help clients determine the best course of action based on the nature and extent of their debt and the totality of their financial circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about bankruptcy alternatives.