I would recommend Muter Law Office to anyone looking for a criminal lawyer. Misty was always prompt about calling me back and addressing my questions and Joshua helped reduce my tickets.

– Anonymous

Misty was thoughtful, patient, and willing to think through the unusual aspects of my situation. I would recommend Misty to anyone going through a bankruptcy.

– Bankruptcy Client

I had a pending court case and I chose Misty to represent me because she was genuine and sincere when she spoke with me. She listened and was very informative, honest, respectful, sincere, and kind throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney.

– Anonymous

At Muter Law Office, Misty offers a relaxed and fun environment where it's not too stuffy. She makes your cases personal to you and gives you plenty of options so you can make your own decisions; rather than be forced into a choice. She's willing to work with you and is very flexible in her scheduling so you can always count on being able to call her or set up an appointment to talk to her face to face. I would recommend her to anyone I know and if the opportunity were to arise, I would definitely use her again!

– Michael

I enjoyed working with Misty because she is kind, very well mannered and very understanding. We were able to reach agreements easily and if I ever needed to, it was easy to reach her either in person or on the phone. I know she valued me as a client because she was always prepared and ready for court, never late, and I could tell she always knew what she was doing. Misty is who I would go to if I ever needed an attorney again and I would most definitely recommend her to others.

– Paul

Misty is a very down to earth person who doesn't make you feel intimidated like you do with most attorneys. She really takes you through the process so you know exactly what to expect and it also allows it to become a learning experience. She's fun and fabulous while still being straight forward and honest with you. I would whole heartedly recommend her to others looking for an attorney and wouldn't hesitate to use her again!

– Kelly

Misty did a great job of keeping me informed and up to date on my case. I worked with another attorney in another case who did not contact me outside of court once, with Misty, it was reassuring to know what was always going so I knew what to expect in regards to my case.

– Anonymous

Misty added value to my case in every way. She was very down to earth and easy to understand. It seemed like we were always on the same page and as a result my case had a great outcome. It was nice to know that if I would want to get in contact with her I know I would get an email or call with in a day. She was also very nice about working with me financially. I have recommended her to others and at this time am seeking her services for a second time.

– Deanna

I enjoyed working with Misty because she put in the effort to work with me. She saw that I was going the extra mile to get my life back on track and in order so she put in the extra mile for me. If the occasion were to arise, I would most definitely use her services again. As for recommending her to others, I have already sent a couple of clients her way because she is great to work with.

– Preston

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