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Compassionate and knowledgeable representation, so that you do not have to confront your legal challenges alone.

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Muter Law Office, LLC, provides family law, bankruptcy, and criminal defense services to residents of Baraboo, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area. Debt, criminal charges, and family issues, such as divorce or child custody, can take an emotional and financial toll. Attorney Misty Muter works with families and individuals who are looking to minimize the strain and bring about an effective resolution to the pressing issues they are facing. At Muter Law Office, we help clients understand the law and their situation, discussing all the options and pursuing alternatives to costly and time consuming court room proceedings.

Attorney Misty Muter and her staff have the knowledge and experience to provide you with competent legal representation, so that you do not have to confront your legal challenges alone. If you are facing a legal issue and are uncertain what the next steps might be, do not hesitate to contact our office for a free, initial, confidential consultation. We take the time to fully discuss with clients all their options and the risks and benefits of each, so that clients can make informed decisions that they will feel comfortable with well into the future. Contact our office today.

Family Law Bankruptcy Criminal Defense Drunk Driving / OWI Defense General and Civil Litigation

Attorney Misty Muter established Muter Law Office with the aim of helping clients to reduce the stress associated with their legal situations. She works closely with clients and explains every step of the process, taking the time to listen to their concerns and answer whatever questions they may have. She gives clear explanations of what the options are step by…

What Our Clients Say

“I would recommend Muter Law Office to anyone looking for a criminal lawyer. Misty was always prompt about calling me back and addressing my questions and Joshua helped reduce my tickets.”
– Anonymous
“Misty was thoughtful, patient, and willing to think through the unusual aspects of my situation. I would recommend Misty to anyone going through a bankruptcy.”
– Bankruptcy Client
“I had a pending court case and I chose Misty to represent me because she was genuine and sincere when she spoke with me. She listened and was very informative, honest, respectful, sincere, and kind throughout the entire process. I would definitely re…”
– Anonymous
“At Muter Law Office, Misty offers a relaxed and fun environment where it’s not too stuffy. She makes your cases personal to you and gives you plenty of options so you can make your own decisions; rather than be forced into a choice. She’s…”
– Michael
“I enjoyed working with Misty because she is kind, very well mannered and very understanding. We were able to reach agreements easily and if I ever needed to, it was easy to reach her either in person or on the phone. I know she valued me as a client…”
– Paul
“Misty is a very down to earth person who doesn't make you feel intimidated like you do with most attorneys. She really takes you through the process so you know exactly what to expect and it also allows it to become a learning experience...”
– Kelly
“Misty did a great job of keeping me informed and up to date on my case. I worked with another attorney in another case who did not contact me outside of court once, with Misty, it was reassuring to know what was always going so I knew what to expect…”
– Anonymous
“Misty added value to my case in every way. She was very down to earth and easy to understand. It seemed like we were always on the same page and as a result my case had a great outcome. It was nice to know that if I would want to get in contact with…”
– Deanna
“I enjoyed working with Misty because she put in the effort to work with me. She saw that I was going the extra mile to get my life back on track and in order so she put in the extra mile for me. If the occasion were to arise, I would most definitely…”
– Preston

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire Muter Law Office, LLC?

The initial consultation is free. If you decide to hire Muter Law Office, LLC, it will be necessary to pay an Advanced Minimum Fee. The amount will depend upon the seriousness of the offense and the amount of time the lawyer estimates it will take to achieve the client's goals. In an effort to keep the initial attorney's fees affordable, Muter Law Office, LLC and the client may agree to limit the scope of the representation, such as through the negotiations stage. If such a limited scope agreement is entered, the client can still decide to retain Muter Law Office, LLC, for services beyond the negotiations stage. However, a new fee agreement would be entered into along with a deposit for another Advanced Minimum Fee. If, at the end of the case, there is money left over from the Advanced Minimum Fee, Muter Law Office, LLC, will return any unused portion of the Advanced Minimum Fee.

What are the grounds for a divorce?

In Wisconsin, there is no need to show wrongful behavior on the part of either spouse in order for a couple to obtain a divorce. The only requirement is that there has been an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage. While Wisconsin is a "no-fault" divorce state and marital misconduct will not be considered in awarding spousal support, child support, or child custody, in certain situations the fault of one party leading to the breakdown of the marriage can be considered, for example, if it affects the children or involved economic waste. Therefore, it is important to have dependable legal representation during divorce.

How long does the process take?

The amount of time it takes to finalize a divorce varies widely depending on the circumstances of the parties. Uncontested divorce proceedings can be resolved in a matter of several months, while highly contested cases may take up to a year or more. Whether there are children born to the marriage and the amount of property that the couple owned are factors that may affect the length and complexity of the divorce proceeding. The more parties are willing to work together to reconcile their differences, the less time and money will be expended resolving such disagreements in court.

How much will it cost me to be represented by an attorney?

Because each case has a unique set of circumstances and facts, legal fees for representing you in your family court action will be discussed during your consultation with our office. However, the overall cost of legal fees will largely depend upon the ability of the parties to work together to resolve the divorce action in the best interests of all involved. If reconciliation is ruled out as an option, then it is important that both parties stay focused on obtaining an equitable separation, which will drastically reduce the length of the process and overall fees involved.

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