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Guardians ad Litem: Answering Your Legal Questions

What is a guardian ad litem? What is the GAL’s role? Who pays for the GAL? Introduction Deciding how your family will be restructured to best meet the needs of your children during and after divorce or upon a court determination of paternity is…
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Bankruptcy: Answering Your Legal Questions

What is bankruptcy? What debts are discharged? What are the procedures for filing? People who are having difficulty paying their debts sometimes consider bankruptcy to obtain relief from collection efforts, eliminate some or all of their debts, or re…
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Arrest: Answering Your Legal Questions

Are all arrests the same? What happens if you are arrested? What are the steps in a criminal case Are all arrests the same? No. In some arrests, you’re charged with a crime, while in others you’re not. You’re charged with a crime on…
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Marital Property: Answering Your Legal Questions

What is marital property? What is individual property? What if my spouse and I disagree about marital property? A sound marriage is a partnership of equals. That idea is the basis for Wisconsin’s Marital Property Act, enacted in 1986. The law p…
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Custody and Placement: Answering Your Legal Questions

What is legal custody? What is physical placement? What rights do parents have? When your marriage ends, your role as a parent does not – and neither does your former spouse’s. Both of you love your children and want what’s best for the…
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