How much does it cost to hire Muter Law Office, LLC?

The initial consultation is free. If you decide to hire Muter Law Office, LLC, it will be necessary to pay an Advanced Minimum Fee. The amount will depend upon the seriousness of the offense and the amount of time the lawyer estimates it will take to achieve the client's goals. In an effort to keep the initial attorney's fees affordable, Muter Law Office, LLC and the client may agree to limit the scope of the representation, such as through the negotiations stage. If such a limited scope agreement is entered, the client can still decide to retain Muter Law Office, LLC, for services beyond the negotiations stage. However, a new fee agreement would be entered into along with a deposit for another Advanced Minimum Fee. If, at the end of the case, there is money left over from the Advanced Minimum Fee, Muter Law Office, LLC, will return any unused portion of the Advanced Minimum Fee.