Hwy 33 Reconstruction Project

Muter Law Office, LLC continues to be fully operational with normal business hours despite the Hwy 33 (8th Street/Avenue) Reconstruction Project. We want to ensure a seamless experience for you during this period of improvement in our community.

What to Expect:

Parking Accommodations. We expect limited access to our parking lot, starting on February 26, 2024 through June 15, 2024. If you are unable to access the parking lot, you are able to park on Jefferson Street or in the parking lot of Pierce's Eastside Marketplace, see below map. The impact of the construction will change day by day. Therefore, we recommend you call our office before arriving to get up-to-date directions.

If you have any mobility issues, please call our office in advance to ensure proper access to our services.

Access to Hwy 33 (a/k/a 8th Street or 8th Avenue).

The Project will expand on Hwy 33 (8th St./8th Ave.) through West Baraboo and the City of Baraboo. The project will start February 26, 2024 and is estimated to complete on November 15, 2024. The project will close sections of Hwy 33 (8th St./8th Ave.). Click here for a map of the closed sections. There will not be any east/west traffic and limited north/south traffic over Hwy 33 (8th St./8th Ave.). Click here to see a Live Map of opened intersections allowing traffic to cross over Hwy 33 (8th St./8th Ave.). The section in front of our office is scheduled to be completed on June 15, 2024.

Suggested Detours.

Click on the links below for suggested detours.

Thank You for Your Understanding

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate through this period of growth alongside our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

Additional Information